Sunday, April 5, 2009

In my dream, I called her, but she didn't answer


I arrived to dear therapist’s office early so I decided to walk around outside.
The weather was warm and the sun was shining, warming my skin as I walked. I was heading West~staring at the snow capped mountains. I was walking down a dirt path and I suddenly found myself tangled in a bush. I was trying to untangle myself; my clothes and purse were caught in the thorns…my shirt was ripping with each tug, and my skin was bleeding. I looked up -there was a man and a woman- they were dirty- maybe 40 years old. She had on an old dress- it looked like it used to be white but it was so filthy it was difficult to tell for sure. She wore an apron, tied at the waist – her hands were sitting squarely on her hips. She glared at me but did not speak. The man had on a pair of grubby ripped up jeans, a white t-shirt. He was average height with long red hair full of tangles. He began to follow me. As I broke free from the bush he began to follow me – I was walking East now, toward her office. I quickened my pace, but He was right behind me, he was talking to me- making sexual gestures, trying to touch me. Digging in my purse without I managed to find my phone. I called dear therapist’s phone- she didn't answer. I woke up at 425 am this morning, I had my hand to my cheek as though I really did call her.

He was going to hurt me.
I was scared.
I needed her.
But she didn't answer.
She didn't care~she doesn't care...

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