Saturday, April 25, 2009

Angel Flying too Close to the Ground

Let the water fall, let it rain,
Come and wash away the pain.
Let the weather rage into sweet delight,
Make me feel like I want to fight.

Let the skies be filled with darkness and thunder,
Make them think, make them wonder.
Make me feel like all I need is the light,
Make me feel like they're wrong, I'm right.

Let the rain touch my skin,
And reveal all that I hide within.
Make me feel, make me cry,
Reveal the beast, I don't want to die.

The beast will eat me, it growls inside,
A beast made of secrets, all that I hide.
Make me speak words of truth,
Make me forget my past, my youth.

Make it rain, just let it come,
Show me what I want to become.
Let the sky growl hungry, let it roar,
Make me feel like I can take even more.

Make the sky let it go,
Make me sure, make me know.
Make me forget all that I don't need,
Make me feel, make me bleed.

All the things I don't want to remember,
Let it burn away in burning ember.
Make the water put the fire out,
Make me scream, make me shout.

Let me see that little glimpse in the sky,
Make me know, never wonder why.
Give me that inspiration that comes from above,
Give me the strength to believe in love

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