Friday, July 10, 2009

What? I don't anyone would say that...and missing 1 day of your "meds" isnt' going to make you crazy


Annoying co-worker had surgery on his wrist a month ago...seriously, arthroscopic surgery...and he whines all the time! Last week he told me that we went to the grocery w/o his 'arm brace' on and the checker asked him if he tried to 'commit suicide'.
I doubt anyone would ever ask someone that.
I have scars from my wrists to my elbows and not one person has EVER asked me if I have tried to commit suicide. And I HAVE tried it!
Get a Clue! Give me a Break! And Leave me Alone!


co-worker complaining about woman who works in another office (and I'll admit she is a bit 'emotionally disregulated' - but she probably hasn't been to DBT - cuz we all know that will level out the old emotions no one wants!
Annoying co-worker says, "God, She must have forgotten to take her meds today."
Really? Because I don't think missing 1 day of medication (If she is even on medication! Rude ass!) is going to send her over the top.

Get a clue insensitive prick!

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