Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some people have no respect for "BOUNDARIES"!!!

DT and I have been working on the 'boundary' skills for a couple of years now. And I think I've dramatically improved in this area. But I've come to realize that I can "set" the boundaries, be consistent when enforcing them...but I cannot make someone else abide by MY boundaries. It's extremely frustrating that I can draw the line in the sand, and someone can just cross that line like it doesn't exist. I wish there was an electrical current that shocked the hell out of anyone who dared to cross. Psycho co-worker is at it again. Last night there was a 'mandatory' managment dinner. I sat as far away from him as I could...I even sat with my back to the door (which is an insecurity of mine) - but just sitting near him heavily outweighed my back against the door! He makes my skin crawl!!!

After dinner, on my way home, I had a text message from him on my work phone, asking me if I was interested in going out for a drink. WHAT?? What part of FUCK OFF I HATE YOU - do you not understand???? I did not respond.

This morning I awaken to a lovely text message from him, stating he had to take his suicidal wife to the ER and can I "please think about him...during this terrible time." WHAT? I'm sorry, but again, what part of FUCK OFF I HATE YOU - are you still having problems with????

I arrived at work, he sent me an email telling me he would not be in the office today, and to "please respond" letting him know I received his email and his text message. WHAT? Let me reiterate again, perhaps a bit louder this time: WHAT PART OF FUCK OFF, STALKER, I HATE YOU!!!! - do you still not get???? Should I write it on your office door in RED crayon!?!? Then I proceeded to have an anxiety attack, triggered by his GD overwhelming stalker behavior! I had to call DT, crying, "he won't leave me alone! I've tried everything, he won't leave me alone...and I can't do it anymore." - Thankfully DT was available to talk me in from the ledge. She calmed me down, telling me that I was having a fear response and she knows I have put boundaries in place with him - and it's obvious that he isn't going to adhere to those boundaries. But there's nothing for me to be afraid of ~ and I'm not responsible for his behavior, and it isn't my problem that his wife is in such terrible shape. I know, but it still freaks the hell out of me - I feel smothered and overwhelmed and afraid and unheard. Why the hell can't he hear me? Respect me? He is just like all the others! LEAVE ME ALONE! I SAID DON'T BOTHER ME! I SAID NO! I SAID NO! I SAID NO! I SAID NO!


  1. Came on to check on my Grace. Geez, will not this guy leave you alone!!

    I am so very sorry that you have to deal with this dumb bunny!