Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Someday...I WILL Heal!

I will heal...I will hold my head high. I will walk with confidence and grace and spread my love and joy to all people, each person that I come in contact with.

I will heal…I will give my opinion to others because my opinion is worthy of being given.

I will heal... I will continue my journey because I can and because I want too, not because anyone else wants it for me. But because and I am intelligent and wise and I am strong ~ and I want to heal and feel whole.

I will heal… I want to share my experiences and what I have learned with others, hoping it will give them a sense of hope.I will heal…I will walk this walk with confidence and grace and leave behind the shame and hate.I will heal…I will be beautiful on the outside and the inside. I will let the beauty within me radiate around me and I will embrace that beauty.

I will heal…I will accept my past, and all that has happened to me and I will not be ashamed but instead realize that it has made me into the woman I am today.

I will heal…I will take the circumstances that I have faced and acknowledge them and learn from them, but I will not let them control every decision I make and limit what I do because they are just circumstances and not life deciding factors.

I will heal… I will look into the mirror I will smile at who I am and who I've become.

I will heal…I will run and play and I will become a positive role model for my children and others.

I will heal…I will acknowledge the pain I feel inside, and learn to cope without causing physical pain to myself.

I will heal…I will accept that this is my life and it's the only life I have so I will live it to the fullest and no one will stop me.

I will heal…I will give to others all that I have to give and I will smile as I do so because that is how I was created.

I will heal…I will stand up for what I believe in and fight for the beliefs I have and I will not let someone else sway me from those beliefs. And when need be, I will be firm, but loving, and I will not back down from what I know is true.

I will heal…I will share my story with others as I can because it is my strength and stronghold and the reason I am alive.

I will heal… I will feel without judgment. I will smile and I will laugh out loud and talk with excitement. And I will cry and scream. I will wrap myself tightly in my blue blanket and allow my tears to fall freely.

I will heal…I will feel the embrace of those I love and I will embrace others who need my love.

I will heal…I will love me for who I am and I will embrace that which is me and I will love life and seek to live it to the fullest.

I will heal…I will make mistakes and when I fall I will find a way back to my hands.

I will heal…I will grieve my losses and recognize that I was not ‘bad’ because my parents were not able to love me the way a child should be loved.

I will heal…I will love with all I have in me.

I will heal...I will give and give until I am tired and empty and then I will be given too and refueled and I will go out and give again.

I will heal…I will drive down the road with the windows down, my hair blowing in the wind, singing “I WILL SURVIVE” at the top of my lungs.

I will heal…I will live my life with purpose and accept the life I have been given.

Someday, I will heal…


  1. Yes. I believe you will heal. This is brave and courageous. Thank you for submitting. Yes, I will include this in the carnival. Thank you for submitting.

    hugs. mile 191

  2. Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen Grace!

    Grace, this is so very encouraging to me to read this! I too want you to heal!!! I will be here with you as you continue on your journey, how ever long, how ever up and down, I am always listening. I may not respond all the time, but I care!

    Thank you Grace for posting this post!!!


  3. Yay! Thank you, Grace, for this FANTASTIC post! You helped me feel better today with these wonderful reminders. I'm really struggling this week. And, at times like these, that "some day" for me seems so far away. But, I know--with this reminder from you--that I WILL make it!

    Thanks for allowing us to use this amazing post for THE BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE. I'm sure we're not the only survivors who need this type of motivation and reminder! Take care and bless you!

  4. Grace what beautiful encouragement to give to others with these words of healing. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Grace,
    This is such a wonderful declaration I am lifted and exhillarated by it.
    You are a brave woman.
    Thank you for being a part of the Blog Carnival.