Monday, July 27, 2009

It wasn't was her!

Angry bitch was around all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday. She was so evil that I don't even want to go to my therapy appointment this afternoon. AB cancelled an appointment last Thursday because she was pissed off after last Monday's session.
"DT doesn't understand"
"DT pretends to care because that's her job."

PAF is still so pissed off about the 'changes' that occurred over a year ago, in the "therapeutic relationship" - that she scrutinizes every single thing DT says, does, body language, etc - looking for a sign that DT doesn't care. And when she finds something to interpret as "lack of care" - she latches on and runs with it! And with endless energy she will projectile vomit all of her thoughts about DT and her "changes" and "care", or, as AB interprets, lack thereof.

And since AB has been in charge a lot this past week, she once again crossed a line that DT had apparently drawn in the sand, but not communicated to AB - and AB got the following message at noon on Saturday:

If you would like to talk with me for 10-15 min about your anger at my unavailability last night or whatever it is you feel that I don't care about, then I am available via phone today until about 2. If the 10-15 minutes feels insufficient for you, then I insist that we schedule a session today to address your concerns and desires toward SI with appropriate amt of time and attention. If you choose not to call or schedule another session and cancel your Monday appt for similar reasons, then I am left to interpret this behavior as therapy interfering.

Of course DT didn't question my cancelling my appointment last Thursday, even though she knew I was pissed off at her on Monday (because I TOLD her I was - which left no room for her interpretation!). Of course she didn't "analyze" that, but she spent 30 minutes 'analyzing' why I brought her some cookies at Christmas last year. UM, IT WAS A HOLIDAY!


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