Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why are you always such a mega-bitch, Grace?

Tuesday afternoon I gave up my excellent parking space at work to go to a therapy appointment that was worthless and a waste of my time.  AND there were a million distractions AND her whole office smelled like ONIONS - which make me nauseous as F**K!  Which, of course, she totally knows and still ate a bunch of raw onions in her office right before my appointment .  I wanted to puke the whole time!  Maybe she could have saved them and forced me to eat them too!  That would have had about the same affect!  I'm not saying the woman should alter her eating habits to accomodate me, but JC!  She KNOWS I hate onions and they remind me of the SF.  To her credit, she did offer to spray some lovely lemon pledge smelling air freshener - which would be great for the olfactory sense - onions mixed with lemons!  Subconsciously she probably did it on purpose to get PAG back for her rude and borderline expressions of discontent at the therapist's *forgetfullness* on Friday night.  Or, perhaps she just forgot about the "onion" thing too.  Or maybe PAG is right and she just doesn't give a flying fuck about how Grace feels about onions and Friday nights! 

And then when I tell her that I was f'd up all last week after talking about the *bad* stuff and so now she isn't allowed to talk to her, she was all like, "Well, I'll talk for her then..." WTF was that about?  She'll do what?  Um...newsflash!  Can't speak for someone when you don't know what they're thinking and feeling.  That was like the dumbest statement ever!  So stupid!  I can't even talk for her!   Maybe she ate the onions for her too!  Maybe we can watch a really scary movie next week!  Or have pancakes!  GOD!  WTF!
Whatever the *reason* be it conscious or unconscious - I'm sure it's really *none of your business, Grace* - yeah, well, I think it ALL SUCKS and right now I think the therapist sux too - although that's really none of my business either....I got that.
I just love it when she throws out the NOYB in the same sentence as discussing "our relationship".  I get that the fossil situation isn't my business but she doesn't have to be rude about it!  I'll be sure to leave ALL humor outside of "our relationship" from now on.
Strictly business.  I'll talk about my "symptoms" and she can clinically help me get them "resolved"...however, I'd like to be on the advanced, high-potency meds so I can not really see her, or smell her onions, for much longer. 

And then the fact I again brought up the fact that she is billing w/a Dx of BPII and she never said I had BPII, nor does my PDOC bill with it - she told me AGAIN that she bills it to get the claims paid -really?  So it's okay to lie to get the claims paid, or do you really think I'm BPII?  Of couse I get the standard MHP answer of, "I don't like to label..."  Really?  Because you were really f-ing quick to slap it on a HCFA form!!!  Yeah, I'm not big on labels either, but I'd rather not have someone look at my "confidential health records" (come on- we all know there's no such thing) and say, Whoa - I didn't know you had BPII?  And I'd be like, "Well, that makes 2 of us!"  Apparently only the therapist and the ins co knew it until now!  Some F-ING HONESTY would be GREAT about now!!!!!!!!
I feel strangely disconnected from the therapist, anyway, right now.  Yesterday, it was like having a conversation with someone you're sitting next to on a flight from Houston to Dallas - just interesting enough that you don't *pretend* to be asleep for the short jaunt from city to city.

GAWD, GRACE!  Why are you always such a MEGA-Bitch! 
OH!  Because I can be!  That's why!


  1. Hopefully if you are on a flight from Houston to Dallas your seat mate won't be eating onions. Ick!

    I actually like onions, but I don't want to be smelling them in an office setting, or on a plane.

    I'm sorry you gave up your good parking spot for that less than stellar experience.

  2. JIP ~ Yeah, it was for me...the therapist however, is VERY well-"balanced" as she told me yesterday, damn near perfect, actually, so I'm sure I'm the only one who is feeling strained about it.

    Harriet ~ I HATE onions! Like when I was a kid the SF made me eat an entire bowl of onions and I wasn't allowed to leave the table until I finished them. SHE TOTALLY KNOWS THAT! But, of course that doesn't mean it's important enough to remember! Kind of like the time she FORGOT to tell me that someone from my office was seeing her and had an appointment right before mine once - SURPRISE GRACE!
    I guess I just need to realize that I really do not even matter - not even to the therapist who I PAY to "care".
    Whatever! It's all such a mindfuck!

  3. The onions experience sounds delightful. I'd be gagging too.

  4. Anon Drifter, yeah - it was awful! Of course she said it just "worked out" that she had to eat lunch right before my appointment. Yeah, and it had to be a big fat onion too!
    I still think it was VERY inconsiderate - considering she KNOWS my "history" and association with ONIONS!
    (I'm still a bit ticked off about it, as you can tell)

  5. I don't know what happened to the other onion post - it was in my google reader, but not on your blog. I just wanted to say that I find it hard to believe that anyone in any profession that involves talking one on one with anybody, whether they have onion issues or not, would eat onions right before they are going to be sitting closely and talking to the other person. Would a dentist do that? An eye doctor? A massage therapist? NO!

  6. Harriet ~ I took it down because I thought it was really shitty and border - I reposted you can read. I don't know how long I'll leave it up tho-
    Thanks for the validation- ironically, I didn't smell onions on her breath (not sure I would get that close to her) it was the whole GD office that REEKED!