Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today The Therapist is modeling the "AND" technique

*Therapist begins down the therapeutic runway*

Today the therapist is modeling the "AND" technique.
"AND" allows CrazyBrain to be thankful for what she has and yet still be sad for the things she never had~ both Day AND Night! Without fear of Judgement!
AND technique comes in a variety of colors, not just black and white.

During the day accessorize AND with the "Emotion Regulation Earrings”
And for the perfect evening, dress up the AND with the “Mindfullness Mood Ring”
“Mind-numbing Medication”

I hope you enjoy the *AND* fashion show as much as sarcastic argumentative Grace did today.
I am now going to go look for my "buckets" ~ I haven't been able to find them in about 2 weeks.
 I think the therapist’s cats stole them when she left them unattended!

Grace is feeling bad and worthless tonight...I don't get it (is it a blonde thing? or maybe a black/white thing?)
*Some things just ain’t getting’ in…no matter how much stimuli is offered.
Me is Unlearnable!
Maybe I should just go weave a basket, or somethin' fun like that..."It's fun to be Grace"


  1. I'm hoping my comment doesn't offend you but even you are in the dumps, you have a very unique was of seeing things. Really, tho, I hope you get to feeling better.

  2. I enjoyed the "and" fashion show, perhaps we need a "black and white" fashion show as well.

  3. Lynn, Yeah...I can't believe I really didn't see you there with all the other commotion in the office building! Of course, YOU would have been a welcome distraction.

    Ivory, certainly no offense taken...I sometimes use humor as a "distraction" technique - a way to avoid how I really feel about things (but of course the *real* crap always comes out eventually). It did take me forever to fnd a photo of what looks to be the exact same really tight, really short pants the therapist was wearing today...

    Harriet, us *borders* we ain't allowed to see in black and white - only freakishly loud vibrant colors....