Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, I'm sorry! I was under the assumption that since I gave birth to him ~ that I get to make the decisions about what's best for his safety...

I didn't realize the "transportation" department was more qualified to assess the safety of my child.  Thank you for clearing that up for me, dear lady who answers the phones at the school.
My son is scheduled to go on a field trip tomorrow.  That'll be love field trips.  But here's the thing:  I live in an area of the country where it snows...a lot.  And it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow...and the field trip is nearly 2 hours away - and guess what will  cover the roads at 7:30am when the bus leaves?  Yes! SNOW & ICE! 
I tend to be a *smidge* overprotective, so I called the school and asked about the field trip tomorrow and what should happen should there be inclement weather.  Phone lady said that the transportation department will make the decision.  So I said, dear woman, what if I make the decision not to let my son go on the field trip tomorrow due to my concerns of his safety.  She said, "Well, Grace, that will be an unexcused absence."  I'm sorry, what?  She went on to say that "we" don't even know what the weather will be like on Thursday.  Well, dear lady, I'm no meterologist, this is true...however I can read a weather report which states there will be snow and slick roads where my son will be traveling. 
I'm not sure who the genius is who plans these *field trips* in January where I live...but I hope they are not also in charge of academics.  I think I'll now call the transportation department and chap their ass with my worry meter! 
And if need be, I will be prepared to list my qualifications that makes me "head decision maker" for Grace's son's safety:
I laid on my left side for 15 weeks with terbutaline dripping into my veins so his lungs could develop so he could be born "safely"~ I went through 12 hours of back labor with an epidural that did not work~ I had an emergency c-section when his heart rate dropped to a level that was not "safe"~ I paid the NICU bill and home health when he was born premature~ I got up every two hours to feed him for 6 months~I hug him when he's sad, laugh with him when he's happy.~I check on him while he's sleeping~I feed him, clothe him, help him with his homework~Cheer him on at sporting events~Make sure he gets enough rest.  ~Schedule play dates, birthday parties, and sleepovers.~I will be the one to pay for his college education
I fight sui thoughts every day to be here for him because I know he needs me.
I am his mother.  Not the school.  Not the transportation department.  Me! I am not the perfect parent, but I'm pretty sure I am the best decision maker when it comes to the safety of my child. 
(And I dare anyone to disagree)


  1. Two weeks ago in the next town over from us in Hartford, CT a school bus fell from the overpass while transporting students to a robotics convention. This was a Saturday morning. The school buses don't have seatbelts! Can you effing believe THAT!?! I mean for the love of God it is a state law here that you have to wear your seatbelt or hand over 100.00 dollars no if, and, or buts. So, good for hyou girl!!!!

  2. WTF? Where I live, anytime the parent calls in to say the child will be absent IS automatically an EXCUSED absence. I'm glad we're protective moms when we didn't get that as children ourselves. You go, girl!

  3. We don't have seat belts on our school buses either. And it doesn't matter what a parent says, there is a list of items that are excused, and if it is something else, like a grandparent dies, that is unexcused. But I revel in unexcused absences - it's my way of saying "F*** you" to the school system. Long live unexcused absences!

  4. LOL! It freaks me out just the words 'unexcused' a freak, I know.
    He went - and all was well. When I mentioned it to him last night, my thoughts on keeping him home, he told me in a very even keeled, reasonable, 11 year old way, "Mom, your worry meter is set way to high."
    He took his cell phone and texted me 1/2way there, and also to let him know he got there "safely"...he's so adorable.

  5. School buses can be very dangerous. One of my best friend's mother was a bus driver and died in a small bus crash due to snow on a slippery hill. No one else was on the bus, but - no seat belts. I'm thankful all turned out okay with your son, but I would have worried some, too.

  6. Again soul sister...we think alike. I work for a school district so I understand some of your concerns.

    Next time tell her "this one... came out of me" I am in charge here...not you.

    Your son sounds adorable

  7. I'm glad it went well, and that he was concerned enough that he sent you texts from the road. The comment he made about your worry meter is adorable, but also so telling of how well our kids know us, even when we try to hide the shit from them.

    And thanks a lot - my word verification is "SHAME".

  8. I'm glad all is well and he sounds like a fantastic kid.