Monday, January 18, 2010

I am taking away your maladaptive coping skills!

cutting, boozing, promescuity, ODing on benzos, vomiting, excessive spending....

I am taking away all of your maladaptive coping skills...if you need them, they will be in either my purse or the refrigerator - neither of which you are allowed to prowl without my permission, which of course you do not have.....
And what will we be replacing them with?
Oh -I'm glad you asked, Crazybrain! 
We are replacing them with the following:
Radical acceptance
Half smile
Oh, you could exercise too, if you want: fat-ass!
Just deal with it! 
I personally think it's stupid to take away a person's crutches in life and expect them to deal effectively for more than a couple of days - without a mental meltdown!
Because then you get to live in hell until you can learn to short-circuit the brain's automatic responses that you developed because of a lifetime of f**kedupness.
DUMB!   I'm just sayin'    D~U~M~B!

1 comment:

  1. I understand that feeling... sometimes it feels like they might as well take away my air.
    You don't need to dissociate.
    You shouldn't have panic attacks.
    You can get by with one appt a week.
    You can wait all day for an email, regardless of the crises.
    But here, have some more drugs. Take them.
    No! not that many!
    Okay, now we will only give them to you a few at a time. You can drive here every day and pick them up.
    and while your at it, quit smoking, will ya?