Friday, May 1, 2009

Be my Friend ~ Hold me. I am small...and needy

Little Girl curled up in a corner
She is scared and alone
Tears are running down her face
No one to turn to nowhere to go
Little Girl full of bruises, cuts, and scars
Wondering what she did wrong
Mother is in the bedroom
She acts oblivious to what’s been done
Little Girl unsure of what's next
Afraid to move a muscle, afraid to make a sound
She covers her face, scared of what's to come
As Mother comes in, eyes filled with rage
Little Girl look at what you have done!
When will you ever learn?
Go clean up, put on a clean dress,Soon your father will be home
Little Girl waits for her father
He loves her in a very special way
Every night behind closed doors
He shows her just how much he cares
Little Girl curled up under her covers
Longing for someone to hold her
She hurts all over, her mind is numb
And through silent tears she says...

"Little Girl, I'm just a Little Girl."
Tears fall down her she drifts off to sleep my friend, hold me
wrap me up...unfold me
I am small...and needy
Warm me up...
And Breathe me

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