Saturday, May 23, 2009

Whip it! Whip it Good!

As most of those who read my 'thoughts' regularly know~ I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Well, perhaps that's not even an accurate description of what's been going on...I've been in a state of dissociation, increased SI, ED with a side dish of SIB and typical borderline behavior at DT.

Friday evening this is what she said to me after I said I was feeling apathetic on Friday..which I will take, and multiply compared to how I've felt the past few weeks.
She said, "Slow and steady, take a break, move up a bit....move down a bit.... you can feel "ok" and "not ok", feel a lot, feel nothing (numb) and all of it is learning how to live as "gracefully" as humanly possible."

And tonight I was thinking about that and rather than thinking things like, "Yes, that's how it goes for us, isn't it? Some moments we feel "ok" other moments we fill so overwhelmed that we want to disappear from the world. Sometimes we feel numb, and sometimes feelings surge through us like bolts of lightening. There are times when we would like nothing more than to take a break from this process. And still other moments when we move like the beat of a metronome from 'ok' to 'not ok'...

But I wasn't thinking that at all tonight. Tonight I was thinking about how we can "WHIP IT!"
And I started laughing out loud at DTs words because it's true, isn't it?
Sometimes we have to 'crack that whip...give the past a slip"
When something goes wrong, you've gotta 'whip it'.
And when a good time turns around into something bad, you must whip it.

Now whip it...into shape...shape it up...get straight!
Go forward...Move ahead...Try to detect it...It's not too late

Thank you everybody...Goodnight!
*Grace blows kisses to all*


  1. JBR catches those kisses blown. ((((Grace))))

  2. LOL This is great, Grace... I love it! Singing along...

  3. Encore?!?
    JBR & Tracy,
    Are ya' "WHIPPIN" IT"?