Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh! Now I Remember!

On Monday, when angry girl, sad and lonely girl and sarcastic girl showed up, I was overwhelmed with the desire to SI. I know this because I found the evidence in my sent box ~ an email to DT telling her that I would "resort to my old coping mechinisms and *deal with the pain* on my own, so no worries!

Tuesday morning I searched my body for evidence of my self-destructive behavior. I didn't discover anything, and I was sure glad, since I told her I was going to carve "F-U" in my skin. Tueday night when DH returned from work, he said, "I found glass in the bathroom, let me see your wrists."

Whew! I don't know which Grace made that wise decision, but I sure am glad she did!


  1. I am glad also dear one!!! She is strong and is a fighter!!!

  2. Well, whichever Grace it was, you deserve a great deal of credit for it. Good job! I know it's hard sometimes to resist. Do something really nice for yourself today.

  3. Thanks JBR & Marj,
    I would like to hope it's a step up from the days I would SI in my T's parking lot after leaving her office in a rage....
    Yes, hard it is...sometimes I have to put my head down, or sit on my hands until the feeling passes....
    ~ Grace

  4. It is dear a step up. Blessings and ((((hugs)))