Friday, June 5, 2009


Sometimes it’s hard to listen to your words as they unfurl
The logic that you speak that never fit into my world

Sometimes it’s hard for me to turn around & face the past
To let it go instead of holding on with a stead-fast grasp

Sometimes the hurt & the pain are so deep and so intense
That I lose the will to fight because the pain will not relent

Sometimes she is defiant her malicious words push you away
But when logic and reason return I really do try to see the ‘gray’

Sometimes there’s no life inside of me and I feel so dead inside
It feels as though I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be alive

Sometimes things change so quickly and I don’t know who I am
And I know it doesn’t seem as though I am doing the best I can

Sometimes I doubt myself and my ability to heal
And I want to find some place to go where I cannot feel

Sometimes I know you lose faith in me and you want to walk away from this
But I want you to know I still need your help & I’m not giving up…
Until I can walk away with arms wide open and embrace the world with bliss

~ Grace

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