Saturday, July 3, 2010

What would YOU like to say?

about the Tuesday fiasco *event* (Had I known u were coming Id have baked a cake )

THERAPIST would like to say: I imagine that you are still trying to sort out the many painful and confusing feelings related to the events on Tues. From what you shared briefly on the phone on Tues, the memories of childhood that were elicited has to be terribly painful for you.
5 YEAR OLD would like to say: why did you do that, Therapist? It scared me very much and I’m still crying and scared. I feel sick too.
LOGICAL GRACE would like to say: Yes, the memories that your actions elicited were, and are still, quite painful. I’m sure you realize that your actions have put more than a minor dent in my trust for you.
PAG would like to say:  Here’s the thing: I dont think I can EVER trust you AGAIN! I don’t really understand how my *requesting meds* from you on a day you have office hours turns into your calling the cops to come check in on me and my “well being” !!!!

LINK:  What would YOU like to say?