Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are you afraid I might fall?

Therapist is leaving for vacation: Rock Climbing So today in session I told her not to fall from a cliff and she said, “Are you worried I might fall off a cliff and not come back?” Typical therapist response, eh? I said, “No, I’m not. You’re a big girl and I think you can take care of yourself.” But what I was thinking was, “No, I’m more worried that I am going to fall off a cliff to my death while you’re gone.” Which, if that does happen, I suppose I could call the “back-up” shrink she provided to me today- on a very aesthetically pleasing business card. Nice prep work since she’s never had a back up before during her vacations. Of course I have no idea who this chick is or what her office hours are – or “crisis” management protocol….just her name on her business card. Not that I would call her anyway.

LINK:  Are you afraid I might fall?